Dear reader, sincere apology for some hickups (an IT technical term I believe!) with the web site recently.  Things are getting back to normal.  For your information all data is secure and has not been compromised, re our dealer data. We just lost some pages and needed to do a few updates to some plug ins and if that doesn’t mean much then don’t fret.

If you do experience any strange behaviour we welcome you letting us know, especially our web master at   who has  done a brilliant job over past few weeks  working out  what and how to  get back the stability of the site. Don’t you just love computers!

As for  philately, well does anyone have any news to share?   I would welcome hearing about  any major shows you know of and are likely  to attend in 2020.  The reason being we are looking to see what shows we can advertise  the IPDA at, so to give greater exposure to IPDA member dealers.

Lots more news to come now I am back writing here    and yes it is Christmas in 6 weeks.



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