Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

Find solutions to frequently asked questions about IPDA, covering a range of topics related to the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association and its services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find solutions to frequently asked questions about IPDA, covering a range of topics related to the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association and its services.

For the year 2023 the joining fee is USD $25 and the annual membership fee is USD $25.  Existing members pay a renewal fee of USD $25 or if a member renews for a 4 year period the fee is USD $75.

Yes, and we encourage that. You can download the logo as a jpg file from the Members area.

In simple terms the main benefit we see is that your customers will see you are a member of an Association which supports dealers who sell on the internet and who abide by a Code of Ethics. We also think you can increase the benefit to you by participating in IPDA activities and promoting the Association and what we stand for in the philatelic community.

More IPDA benefits are listed here and are also described on our Services drop-down menu.

Our monthly Newsletter
The IPDA Newsletter is published monthly. It is sent by email to members and made available on our website for others to read. Members also have access to our extensive Newsletter archive back to 2007.

Dealer to dealer discounts
Members can receive a discount on purchases from other members. We have over 70 members currently offering a wide range of material at favourable discounts.

Permission to display the IPDA logo
Showing the IPDA logo on your notepaper, letterhead, business cards and web site assures your customers that you are a serious and professional dealer abiding by a high code of ethics.

Access to our Confidential List
Designed to provide members with a degree of protection from fraudulent and illegal practices that are used by dodgy buyers and sellers of philatelic material.

Members can advertise 
Their internet selling site for a nominal price.

Free advice and help with issues 
Relating to eBay, Hipstamp, eBid, Delcampe, Amazon, Bid or Buy, Stampden and Paypal.

Access to the IPDA digital Library
Philatelic articles which can be downloaded free of charge.

Members have access to book reviews
We encourage members to provide reviews on philatelic writings. This can cover Journal articles, philatelic literature, including catalogues for example, as well as books.

A forum on Facebook

The IPDA has a closed Facebook group where any question can be answered by an IPDA member. Collectively we must have several thousand years of knowledge and experience just waiting to be tapped into. Anyone with a philatelic interest and all IPDA members are encouraged to join and participate.

Free listing in the IPDA dealer directory
All our IPDA members are listed on the IPDA web site with their selling interests and contact details.

Stamp Identification Service
Members can post questions (along with images) about stamps they are having difficulty identifying, for any member(s) to answer with catalogue number(s) and any pertinent information.

We have an Annual General Meeting which we encourage members to attend. This is held in an online chatroom –  the 2022 AGM was held on Zoom. If you are unable to attend you can send a proxy vote.

We encourage member to member chats using the member chat room, but apart from that there are no other meetings for members to attend. The Board of Directors meets about every 2 to 3 months. The IPDA meeting calendar is available for all Members to see from the About Us drop-down menu.

We do not have scheduled activities at the moment. We will keep Members advised of plans through the Monthly Newsletter. We welcome any suggestions from members for activities, remembering of course that with a global membership participation is generally limited to online participation.

We publish a monthly Newsletter in which we will tell members of IPDA activities.  We also will be writing on the IPDA blog that is on the home page of the IPDA web site and will use this channel to communicate to members and others. We also keep members up to date by writing on our IPDA Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram pages which Members are encouraged to join and of course contribute to.

Yes, the IPDA has a Facebook page and a presence on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.  Look for the links bottom left on each page footer.

Mostly we spend the membership fees on web site domain registration and other web site costs and general advertising. All expenditures are accounted for, we have a treasurer and an auditor, and we comply with the “Florida Not For Profit Corporation Act” including the appropriate annual filings. We also have a Business Plan for 2022 which sets out some initiatives which may require funding. Any such initiatives are only undertaken after the Board of Directors have approved them and the membership has  endorsed them at the Annual General Meeting.

We accept application from full time and part time sellers of stamps and philatelic products and services.

Yes, you can apply to join. There is no requirement to have an online store. A selling presence on the internet is the main criteria. Please read the criteria on the Apply To Join / Qualifications page for more details.

No, it will not. We appreciate every seller, especially part time or new sellers on the internet who will be in exactly that situation. We will consider other factors, for example but not limited to, the quality of your listing descriptions, images, pricing and personal references.

You will receive an acceptance letter with a PayPal request to pay the fee. Please do not pay any fees in advance of receiving the PayPal invoice. PayPal does not require you to have an account if you prefer to pay there with a credit card.

Usually a week to two weeks if all the information was correctly included on the application form. Each Director gets to review your application and votes to accept or reject or ask for more information, so assuming they are all available there should be no delay. Our Membership Secretary would be in contact with you if there was going to be a delay for whatever reason.

The IPDA is a not for profit association. We have very low overheads and all our Directors are volunteers.  In past years we have not spent membership fees on anything other than web site fees and incidental administration costs so we have accumulated a small but positive bank balance which allows us to keep our fees low.

All the fields that are mandatory are marked with an asterisk. These have to be completed. They provide us the basic data about you and your internet selling, and allow us to present a complete and meaningful profile of you on our Member List.