Dealer to Dealer Discounts

Members can receive a discount on purchases from other members. The following is a list of the members offering dealer to dealer discounts to members. To receive the discount – usually as a credit after purchase  – please make contact with the member, quoting your name and member number.

Maarten Baas
Selling eGlobals-Stamps is one of the #1 eBay Sellers of the World since 1999. We Proudly serve Collectors, Investors & Dealers with Worldwide Collections, Investments, Country Collections and Topcial Collections in the Premium Segment. All around the Globe for already 19 Years. Free Worldwide UPS shipping!
Discount 15%
Michael Ball
Selling Comprehensive Worldwide and USA Stamps
Discount 20% Discount on most items to bona-fide stamp dealers.
Brian Bayford
Discount Full trade discounts available
Volker Bettenbühl
Selling I have a large philatelic stock with all the German territories, above all, a large number of high quality individual values and stamps with photo certificates. In addition, I have many better stamps from European countries in stock. I specialize in Croatia NDH and have one of the world's largest stocks. Covers, postcards and airmail letters also belong to my offer. Several hundred collections, lots, treasures from Germany, Europe and all over the world are waiting for a buyer.
Discount 3%
Mark Bloxham
Selling Great Britain and Commonwealth
Discount 15% on orders over £250
Harry Buehne
Selling Worldwide
Discount 10%
Benjamin Busch
Selling African Stamps French Stamps Joint Issues Topical stamps Other collectibles (Zero Euro Souvenir Banknotes...)
Discount Free shipping worldwide
John Chapman
Selling World Wide Masonic Stamps, Bletchley Park Stamps, Sheets, First Day & Commemorative Covers.
Discount 5 to 15%
Lee Coen
Selling Iran and world wide stamps after work and when I have a free minute-
Discount 10%
Barry & Denese Davis
Selling Stamps of the World
Discount 20%
Dave or Kayle Deveney
Selling With one of the largest stocks of Canadian stamps in Canada, Deveney Stamps offers a wide variety of stamps for you to choose from. Enjoy browsing through our store by using the drop down menus, and check back often as we will be adding new items on a regular basis. The experienced Canadian stamp dealers at Deveney Stamps are here to help you find those sought-after items to add to your collection. From early Canadian classics & Provincial stamps to varieties & proofs, Canadian Revenues and Precancels, we have it all.
Discount 10%
Alan Devine
Selling Semi-Retired. Buys and sells world-wide collections. Specialises in Australian States and Australia after federation in 1901 to 1953; British Postal History and covers plus stamps issued from 1840 to 1952; PNG including German New Guinea, British New Guinea & Papua and Papua New Guinea.
Discount By negotiation
Michael Dodd
Selling GB Commemoratives Definitives and Machins including Security Machins and British Commonwealth pre 1970
Discount on request
Axel Dörrenbach (Doerrenbach)
Selling Examining and verifying the genuineness of stamps, covers, postal history, ephemera etc. Issue of certificates. Evaluation of market value. Philatelic broker. Head of VP Verband philatelistischer Prüfer e. V. (German association of philatelic experts, registered mark “VP”, trade name Verified Philately). For details of countries and philatelic areas cf.
Discount Free online consultation
Terry Finlayson
Selling British Commonwealth stamps, Australian Stamps, First Day Covers, Maxi Cards, Stamp Packs.
Discount 10-15% trade discount depending on the item
Enrique Frega
Selling Dear stamps collector, we are offering you Cinderellas, collections, covers, Essays, perfins, Postal history, souvenir sheets, specimens. You´ll be able to choose which one will make your collection more valuable.
Discount 6%
Mike Girard
Selling I'm not doing a lot of selling at the moment but I am offering my services in expertizing/identifying Washington/Franklin issues. I do have a small inventory of mostly Washington/Franklin's that are available for sale.
Discount 10%
Mary Hertling
Selling Worldwide stamps and covers
Discount 20% on orders over $50
John Horsey
Selling GB and Rest of World auctions
Discount As an Auction, we can't do discounts but will allow genuine traders to place slightly low bids.
Volker Janssen
Selling Southern Africa, Germany, Scandinavia & worldwide stamps. Wide range of international accessories, book & catalogues.
Discount 10% - 20% depending on items.
Dick Keiser
Selling Specialty is: POW & Internment mail, Military/Naval Covers, Censored material, Federal/State/Foreign Revenues. Also selling stamps, collections, postcards, coins, banknotes, bullion and Scouting material.
Discount 20%
Kirsty Kitchingham
Selling GB MNH Stamps, Germany MNH Stamps, PHQ's, FDC's, Albums, Stockcards, Booklets, Channel Islands, Presentation Packs, Royalty.
Discount 10%
William J Kozersky
Selling Charity Seals such as Christmas Seals and Easter Seals, Foreign TB Charity Seals, Charity Seal Literature, Topical and Foreign Stamps, Stamp Albums, Postcards, plus collectible labels such as Wine Labels, Cigar Box Labels and Crate Labels.
Discount Dealer to dealer
Jacques Kuun
Selling British Commonwealth. South Africa and South West Africa proofs and varieties.
Discount 15% direct, 5% through "bidorbuy" (south african online site).
Ricardo Miguel Lerena
Selling Stamps, Postcards, Postal History, Books, Catalogues, Autographs, Photographs, Calendar,s Old Paper Textiles, Medals, Coins, Badges, Notes
Discount 20%
Raymond Lewis
Selling World stamps especially British Empire
Discount 10% for multiple purchases
Alexandre Lollini
Selling Stamps, Covers, Albums, Catalogues, As well as some other memorabilia like phone cards, pins, mission patches, post cards.
Discount 10% for clubs and associations, 30% to registered dealers (VAT).
Art Luther
Selling Currently selling worldwide sets, singles, s/s, and a variety of US First day and special event covers. I am an approved APS Dealer.
Discount Free postage & handling on all purchases from US$40.00.
Christopher McFetridge
Selling Stamps of the world, with a focus on Canada and British West Africa
Discount I offer discount coupons of 5-25% for VIP customers, which would include members who notify me, so that I can add them to my list
Peter Wichmann Moller
Selling Covers, First Day, Postal History, Postage Stamps, Poster Stamp/Cinderella, Christmas Seals, Post & Christmas Cards. Primarily from: Scandinavia. Committed to serving the World from Alberta, Canada.
Discount 10%
Richard Monteiro
Selling Great Britain & Commonwealth stamps, proofs, covers, artwork.
Discount Variable depending on item(s)
Corinphila Netherlands
Selling Auction house Corinphila Netherlands for buying and selling of stamps, covers, picture postcards, coins, medals and banknotes.
Discount Yes
Rob Newcombe
Selling GB FDC and worldwide.
Discount 20% off listed eBay price - send me a list of requirements, I will make a custom eBay listing
Don Palazzo
Selling specialized thematic proofs, topicals, postal history, worldwide.
Discount Welcomes price proposals from fellow dealers
Santiago Angel Pérez Lucas
Discount 10%
Ken Pullen
Selling Stamp & Coin Accessories
Discount Club Member Discounts
Dave Sheridan
Selling Worldwide, with a focus on British Commonwealth
Discount 15
Kjell Skollingsberg
Selling Mint and Used USA Stamps
Discount 10%
Bj Slusarczyk
Selling US, Canada, France and French Southern Antarctic Territory
Discount 40% of catalog
Telah Smith
Selling World Wide (no USA) South America, Central America, Middle East and Topicals.
Discount 20-25%
Scott Spittal
Selling Mainly UK Covers & Presentation Packs
Discount 10%
Marios Theodossiou
Selling Worldwide stamps Stamp collecting software (EzStamp) Errors
Discount 5%
Jonathan Topper
Selling My main business is doing full time stamp appraisals in Houston, Texas; specializing in estates, trusts and insurance appraisals. I will also sell better collections for my clients, either on eBay, or arrange to have collections sold at a major auction house.
Discount 20%
Anthony Tripi
Selling Space topical, Russian S/S, U.S.
Discount 20% off my eBay or Delcampe listed items
Gordan Turudija
Selling worldwide; stamps, cards, covers, FDC, badges, flags, memorabilia; sport, Olympic, history, commemorative, Christmas, CEPT ...
Discount 10%
Ted Tyszka
Selling Worldwide
Discount 20% with coupon code DEALER
Rodolfo Torres Vazquez
Selling Worldwide - Mexico Specially Classic, 1856-1899
Discount 10%
Paul Veenhuizen
Selling worldwide, especially Dutch Colonies
Discount 15% discount
Charles Voetelink
Selling Very large stock of stamps worldwide.
Discount please contact me
Peter Walters
Selling Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT), Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands & Norfolk Island Stamp Issues. Stamp & Coin Collecting Publications, Albums, Storage Products and Accessories.
Discount 25% on Stamps, 10% on Supplies
Mark Zinopoulos
Selling All world stamps and covers in auction
Discount Reduced vendor commissions