Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc

Message from the IPDA Chairman


I can now announce that IPDA Badging is now in place on HipStamp for those IPDA members who have stores there.

This is a great way to promote IPDA Dealers on the HipStamp platform as well as a way to move the IPDA closer to the “top of mind” for customers in the online stamp marketplace.

I wish to thank Jays Yoakum and Mark Rosenberg at HipStamp for their willingness to work with us on this project and get it to the finish line.

One important note; if you have a store on HipStamp and do not yet see the IPDA badging in your store, it is most likely that there is a mismatch of your HipStamp store account email address and the one IPDA has on file for you. Please provide me the email address associated with your HipStamp store and we will get your IPDA badging implemented. This is a simple fix.

NOW….for more fun stuff!!!!

HipStamp has finalized a date of June 19th for an exclusive IPDA Branded Auction. This auction will run for 7 days with all items having a starting price of US$0.99. All items you choose to run in this auction must have a minimum fair market value of US$10.00. Deadline for item submission is June 18th. Again, contact Jays Yoakum at directly with your store name and item listing numbers you wish to run in the auction. She will also be able to answer any specific questions you may have on this promotion a well.

Promotion for these two events will include:

– 4 Dedicated Newsletters to HipStamp customers

– Feature on the main HipStamp website page banner

– Feature for individual IPDA member’s store on one of the website’s banners

– Additional marketing placement including SMS on the last day of the IPDA Dedicated sale event and the IPDA Branded Auction event.

If you DO NOT CURRENTLY have a store hosted by HipStamp and are a current IPDA member and wish to participate in the auction event, contact Jays and she will arrange for you to be able to list items in the auction WITHOUT having to have a permanent HipStamp store (although please see below for another promotional offer for IPDA members).

Finally, HipStamp is offering IPDA members who do not currently have a hosted store a promotional discounted price if a member wishes to open a store on their platform. IPDA members who wish to open a store on HipStamp will receive 50% off their store subscription fees for six months. Might be a good time to test the waters. Up to you of course.

Greg Doll

Chairman, IPDA