If you can say Yes to these criteria please consider applying to join like minded sellers:

  • You sell stamps and philatelic materials on the Internet.
  • You are a full time dealer or part time seller of stamps and / or philatelic materials.
  • You will abide by the IPDA Code of Ethics.
  • You can show proof of selling philatelic materials on the internet, including, for example, that you have an online auction selling presence, selling through an online philatelic portal, like eBay, Delcampe, Hipstamp, eBid, or any of the many other philatelic portals where stamps are offered for sale. It is not required you have a Store as such, just that you sell on the internet.
  • You have a feedback rating, even if a low number of feedbacks because you are just starting out selling stamps, that shows you are respected by your customers.
  • You have material listed at a sensible selling price reflecting your knowledge of philately and the philatelic market.
  • You present your material in a tidy and clear manner, for example with clear and presentable scanned images, so customers can clearly see what you are selling.
  • You correctly and fully describe your material so customers have a true understanding of the material, including the quality of the material, for example Mint Never Hinged, Very Fine Used or terminology generally accepted across the philatelic community.
  • You appreciate the importance of being regarded as a respected and  honest seller on the internet and have read the IPDA  Internet Listing and Selling Guidelines  found under Services on the Main Menu.
  • You will perhaps be able, occasionally, to find time to help the IPDA grow and  promote its reputation in the philatelic community.

If for any reason the Committee assessing an Application decide the applicant could qualify with some improvements to some aspects of their selling business, for example to the quality of their listings, the Committee may give Provisional membership approval.  This will be  valid for a period  advised to the applicant. If at the end of that period of time the applicant has made the  suggested improvements the Committee may grant full membership.   The applicant  may not use the IPDA logo in any  selling promotional capacity while the Provisional membership status is in place.

Applicants granted Provisional membership will only pay the application joining fee until such time as  full membership is approved and then the remaining Membership fee of $25 will be due.

During the  remainder of 2023  an applicant being granted Provisional membership will pay no fees as per the current  joining promotion.

Please visit our online Application form to submit your application. Please do not send any money until you receive notification that your application is successful and you have received payment instructions. Fees for the remainder of 2022 are as follows:

New Applications  – from January 1st 2023 approved applicants will pay the $25 membership fee plus the $25 joining fee. There is a 4 year  plan for new applications of  4 years for USD $75 plus the one time joining fee of $25.

Current Members the membership renewal fee for 2023 will be USD $25. Members may renew for 4 years at USD $75.

We look forward to welcoming you to the IPDA and seeing you display our logo on your listings and / or website.