Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc

Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

Online stamp dealing with ethical standards, valuable resources, and a supportive community for a safer and more enjoyable philatelic experience. ​

Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

Online stamp dealing with ethical standards, valuable resources, and a supportive community for a safer and more enjoyable philatelic experience. ​

Trust & Credibility

IPDA members gain a competitive advantage by adhering to our Code of Ethics, showcasing their commitment to transparency and ethical practices in the online stamp dealing industry.

Continuous Learning & Growth


IPDA provides its members with access to industry insights, trends, and best practices, empowering them to stay informed and adaptable in the ever-changing philatelic landscape.

Collaborative Networking

Foster a vibrant community where knowledge, insights, and experiences are shared, thus enhancing the understanding and enjoyment of the hobby for all involved. 

IPDA's Commitment to a Trustworthy and Secure Online Philatelic Experience​

We understand the hurdles and uncertainties you face as you delve into the digital world of stamp dealing.

The challenges in establishing trust and credibility with collectors in the online marketplace, making it difficult for you to grow and maintain a good reputation.

The frustration and concern about the negative impact unethical dealers have on your industry, potentially causing you to doubt your own ability to succeed in the online philatelic market.

Your Trusted Guide to a Trustworthy and Secure Online Philatelic Experience​


We understand the challenges and frustrations faced by stamp dealers in the online marketplace. You recognize the need for a trusted platform that can help you establish credibility and build a positive reputation with collectors.

We acknowledge the difficulties faced by dealers due to unethical practices and wants to support them in their pursuit of success.

Stamp Dealing

We have experience and credibility as a non-profit organization established in 2002. We promote ethical standards within the philatelic community. By offering membership, resources, and a strict Code of Ethics, we demonstrate authority and commitment to improving the online stamp dealing industry. We collaborate with other philatelic associations and stay informed about industry trends, events, and regulations to ensure our members have the support and knowledge you need to succeed.

IPDA's Blueprint for Ethical and Prosperous Online Stamp Dealing

Stamp Dealing
The IPDA provides a clear and structured plan for stamp dealers to establish trust and credibility within the online philatelic community.
  • Applying for IPDA membership and agreeing to abide by the IPDA Code of Ethics.
  • Displaying the well-known IPDA logo on their online platforms to demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices.
  • Participating in IPDA events, discussions, and sharing knowledge to stay informed and connected with industry trends and regulations.
  • Collaborating with other IPDA members and maintaining a professional network within the philatelic community.

Celebrating Philatelic Triumphs with IPDA's Ethical Guidelines and Support

Enjoy achievements and growth with IPDA’s ethical principles and provided support 
leading to a flourishing and secure online stamp dealing experience.

IPDA's Strategy to Prevent Pitfalls in Online Philately

By joining IPDA, you can effectively avoid these potential pitfalls and failures within the online philatelic marketplace.

Stamp Dealing

Missing out on valuable networking opportunities and industry connections that could lead to business growth and development.

Stamp Dealing

Reputation damage due to association with unethical practices or untrustworthy dealers, which could result in decreased sales and customer dissatisfaction.

Stamp Dealing

Not adapting to the evolving online marketplace, which could lead to reduced visibility, missed opportunities, and ultimately, business stagnation or decline.

Stamp Dealing

Failing to stay informed about new stamp issues, changes in technology, and trends in the wholesale and retail of postage stamps, which could hinder their competitiveness in the market.

Stamp Dealing

Legal or regulatory issues stemming from a lack of awareness or understanding of industry-related rules, such as import/export regulations, taxation laws, and mailing requirements.

IPDA's Suite of Services for an Elevated Online Stamp Dealing Experience

IPDA services for members to excel in the online stamp dealing industry through enhanced knowledge, collaboration, and support.

Your Expert Guide to IPDA's Frequently Asked Questions

For 2023 the joining fee is USD $25 and the annual membership fee is USD $25.  Existing members pay a renewal fee of USD $25 or if a member renews for a 4 year period the fee is USD $75.

Yes, and we encourage that. You can download the logo as a jpg file from the Members area.

We do not have scheduled activities at the moment. We will keep Members advised of plans through the Monthly Newsletter. We welcome any suggestions from members for activities, remembering of course that with a global membership participation is generally limited to online participation.

We publish a monthly Newsletter in which we will tell members of IPDA activities.  We also will be writing on the IPDA blog that is on the home page of the IPDA web site and will use this channel to communicate to members and others. We also keep members up to date by writing on our IPDA Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram pages which Members are encouraged to join and of course contribute to.

Yes, the IPDA has a Facebook page and a presence on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.  Look for the links bottom left on each page footer.

Mostly we spend the membership fees on web site domain registration and other web site costs and general advertising. All expenditures are accounted for, we have a treasurer and an auditor, and we comply with the “Florida Not For Profit Corporation Act” including the appropriate annual filings. We also have a Business Plan for 2022 which sets out some initiatives which may require funding. Any such initiatives are only undertaken after the Board of Directors have approved them and the membership has  endorsed them at the Annual General Meeting.

Philatelic Success Stories from IPDA's Trusted Community

IPDA member –  Brian Bayford

BB Stamps Ltd is Brian Bayford, and also the successor to Mark Sargent Stamps, which is incorporated into the new site.

While Mark enjoys semi-retirement basking in Spain, Brian has taken the reins of the business and the website,

The site’s presence dates back to October 1998, and Brian’s own career as a full-time stamp dealer goes back to 1988.

Brian and Mark believe theirs to be the most advanced Great Britain stamp site in the world, in terms of size of stock and quality of offerings.

Besides the website, BB Stamps also conducts business at stamp fairs and exhibitions, with their next appearance scheduled for the Stafford Stamp Fair, June 14th & 15th, 2024.

A calendar of other shows where Brian will set up shop can be found on the website, here.  

At BB Stamps, the GB collector will find everything from the latest new issues on back to early rarities, and with fine quality items available to satisfy every budget.

BB Stamps can also be found on the major social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X. 

Brian can be contacted via email at

Criteria for Embracing IPDA Membership and Ethical Excellence

  • You sell stamps and philatelic materials on the Internet.
  • You are a full time dealer or part time seller of stamps and / or philatelic materials.
  • You will abide by the IPDA Code of Ethics.
  • You can show proof of selling philatelic materials on the internet, including, for example, that you have an online auction selling presence, selling through an online philatelic portal, like eBay, Delcampe, Hipstamp, eBid, or any of the many other philatelic portals where stamps are offered for sale. It is not required you have a Store as such, just that you sell on the internet.
  • You have a feedback rating, even if a low number of feedbacks because you are just starting out selling stamps, that shows you are respected by your customers.
  • You have material listed at a sensible selling price reflecting your knowledge of philately and the philatelic market.
  • You present your material in a tidy and clear manner, for example with clear and presentable scanned images, so customers can clearly see what you are selling.
  • You correctly and fully describe your material so customers have a true understanding of the material, including the quality of the material, for example Mint Never Hinged, Very Fine Used or terminology generally accepted across the philatelic community.
  • You appreciate the importance of being regarded as a respected and honest seller on the internet and have read the IPDA Internet Listing and Selling Guidelines found under Services on the Main Menu.
  • You will perhaps be able, occasionally, to find time to help the IPDA grow and promote its reputation in the philatelic community.