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Library & Research

Exploring the Vast Resources of the IPDA Library & Research Center.

Library & Research

Exploring the Vast Resources of the IPDA Library & Research Center.

Introducing the IPDA Library and Research Service

The IPDA Library and Research Service is an exclusive resource available to IPDA members, providing them with access to a wide range of downloadable PDF files. Members can log in and explore a comprehensive collection of materials, carefully curated to cater to their philatelic interests. The library is regularly updated with fresh content, ensuring that members have ongoing access to valuable resources for their research and enjoyment.

Library and research - IPDA

Library & Contents

Our extensive library is a treasure trove of philatelic resources carefully selected to enrich your philatelic journey. With a diverse range of materials covering various topics, the IPDA Library provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to our members. Explore the following categories of content within our library

Stamp Dealing

Scott Catalogue Tutorial

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scott Catalogue, a renowned reference in the world of stamp collecting.

Learn how to navigate and interpret the listings effectively, enabling you to make informed decisions and expand your collection.

Stamp Dealing


Discover 10 invaluable tips to enhance your philatelic exhibiting skills.

Learn proven strategies for presenting your collection in a visually appealing and informative manner, capturing the attention of enthusiasts and judges alike.

Stamp Dealing

Arranging a Stamp Collection

Unlock the secrets of organizing and writing up a stamp collection with guidance from Stanley Gibbons, a respected authority in the field.

Acquire essential knowledge on proper arrangement techniques to showcase your collection’s unique story and historical significance.

Stamp Dealing

Stamp Grading

Familiarize yourself with the grading policies and procedures outlined by The Philatelic Foundation, renowned experts in stamp authentication and grading.

Enhance your ability to assess the condition and quality of stamps, ensuring accuracy in evaluating their value and desirability.

Stamp Dealing

The Penny Black

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp.

Discover fascinating insights into its creation, significance, and impact on the world of philately.

Stamp Dealing

German Stamp History

Journey through the intriguing post-World War II era to the 1950s as you explore the captivating history of German philately.

Gain a deeper understanding of the historical context, notable stamps, and key developments during this period.

Our library contents are regularly updated to bring you the latest and most relevant resources, ensuring that you have access to the most comprehensive and valuable materials to support your philatelic endeavors. Delve into these rich resources, broaden your knowledge, and embark on an exciting exploration of the philatelic world with the IPDA Library.