Library and Research 

The IPDA has a Library for its members – mostly pdf files which can be downloaded free of charge. All material is generally available on the internet. As we see more material that we think might be useful to members we will add to the Library. If you are a member please log in to the members area and have a look. You will see a display similar to this but with Viewing, Sort and Search capabilities.

If you are a visitor the following is a sample (with no active links) for the type of material we hold in the Library.

Members can also request research and advice from other members – the IPDA has a number of highly respected members who are considered experts in their field and who are willing to provide advice and guidance.

Topic Title / author / file size – if relevant
Scott Catalogue Tutorial Understanding the Listings – Scott Catalogue
Exhibiting 10 Philatelic Exhibiting Tips
Arranging a Stamp Collection How to Arrange and Write Up a Stamp Collection – Stanley Gibbons / 60mb
Stamp Grading The Philatelic Foundation Grading Policies and Procedures / 40mb
The Penny Black The Penny Black – Stanley Gibbons
German Stamp History German Philatelic History From the End of WWII until the 1950s   / 18mb