Some people hate Machins with a passion but some of us adore them. Is that a good word to use? adore…    So interesting and so much to study. As everyone knows the one design has been around for 50 years.  Must have got something right.  Well to keep those of us interested,  6 new values  are being issued,  next week on 19th March for the new postal rates which come into effect on 25th march.  Last year I was in the UK to pick them up from the Post Office, this year I am delegating to a non collector. Watch this space for any more news.  Oh, and they will have  date code M19L  Another first I think.  Please correct me if I am wrong. I really am a bit behind on new issues but with everything Royal Mail issues  that is not surprising!

Hope you all are having a lovely philatelic weekend   Michael


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