Thank you to all members who voted at the AGM. A good (proxy) turnout. Your support to the Direction the Committee is looking to pursue is appreciated. We welcome any ideas you may have for the IPDA. What should we do to get the recognition of IPDA Dealers more out there in the philatic community? How can we get more dealers onto the IPDA Shops platform? We want collectors to buy from IPDA Dealers, dealers on the internet they can trust and the IPDA Shops platform is surely the ideal portal. Lets work together to make some thing happen in the rest of 2020. and if you have questions use the new feature, under CONTACT US and send a question / comment etc to the Webmaster.

One last comment, we welcome Jon Griffiths as our new Board member, he joins the IPDA Committee as Director UK. Welcome Jon. We look forward to you being part of the team.

Michael IPDA General Secretary

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