So quiet ….  isn’t it.   Anyone reading the website?  Do write with ideas for how we can get buyers to  think, “is this dealer an IPDA member ”

I just saw some stamps for sale on a site, very nice looking and clicked to look and saw this under the image ” representative image”  Yes, a picture from a book. That turned me off. Would it you?

Not an IPDA member for sure.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy your stamps

Michael  IPDA General Secretary.


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  1. As a buyer and a seller, I want to the see the image that I am going to buy. I try to always, in my listings, type-
    ‘I ship this stamp to you’. I hope all quality sellers do the same-none of this ‘bulk image’ crap.

    117 degrees here in Arizona-


  2. 6:00pm, sunday here in Arizona-

    I showed the wife-she is not a collector or seller-trust me-
    1. Suggests to get rid of ‘OK, then’
    2. Second line-‘Try an…..”

    Ill send you what I made to your email–


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