Dealer to Dealer Discounts

Members can receive a discount on purchases from other members.  The following is a list of the members offering dealer to dealer discounts to members. To receive the discount – usually as a credit after purchase  – please make contact with the member, quoting your name and member number. 

Name  Products & Sales Channel Disc. Additional Notes
Tony Tripi Worldwide                                     20% on all eBay & Delcampe listings
Allan Oliver GB 1670 – 1951 & PO Training 10% on all order over £100 (UK)
Michael Dodd GB & British Commonwealth 10% on all stamps, excludes covers / envelopes
Rod Tilyard Oceania, Asia & Europe                                 20% on all stamps
Roger West Thematics and Worldwide         20% Discount in addition to other special offers
Peter Walters Australia & Territories              15% Discount applies only to stamps