Writing for the IPDA blog means writing something that will have the reader come back again.

So where does one start? What will get the reader to visit again?  either a reader who is a member or a guest reader.

I had a comment from one member who wanted to see members update their profile by including a picture of themselves.  To include your picture is a very personal things isn’t it.

I personally cannot see the relevance of it. I mean, while I am stunningly good looking 🙂    I cannot see any reason to show “me”.  I do, but I don’t really know why I conform.  On most of the sites where I have the option in my profile to show a picture I show a logo which I think represents me, or my stamps or my aerophilatelic interest.

What do you think?  Reply to this blog or email me if you are shy 🙂  I will write more on this over the coming days, perhaps that will get you to come back and visit our blog again.

Michael – General Secretary

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