Hello, I was looking through the new member applications we have received over the past week. I am happily surprised by the number of applications –  let’s say we will reach our 100 members by the end of the year very easily at this rate – but am even more happy to see the quality and respectability of the applicants.

Seriously, we are seeing some very highly respected dealers and philatelic personalities applying.

Is that because word is spreading that what we at the IPDA stand for is very relevant in this internet day and age?  Or just that we now have a web site that clearly sets out who we are and what we offer?  Or both?  I suspect both, and more.

So what does get philatelic dealers and personalities (I like that expression, don’t you) 🙂  to read the site.  I honestly don’t know. But I do know if we ask a person really nicely to read About Us and to look at our Services we have a chance they will think,  Hey, that is something I can relate to, and for a joining fee of USD $10, the membership fee for 2018, why don’t I get involved and apply to join.

Once we get these new applicants as active members on our Membership list I am confident that collectors will be clearly seeing IPDA dealers they will want to deal with, and our members will see a considerable value add because of the experience and knowledge our new members will be able to contribute to IPDA forums.

We have so much to look forward to. If you have not applied to join, please read About Us and our Services, and even our FAQ, or just email me with any question(s) you have.

Michael – General Secretary

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