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This from   Valeria which you might find interesting:

  Preparation of this catalogue has been really demanding from an emotional point of view. Most of the lots had already been described by my dad, and the organization of the various phases has been “tested” for some time, but working on his cards, reading his notes and suggestions, made the perception of his absence always stronger. It was a really heavy experience for me and for all the staff, first of all Francesca, but also a push to proceed so that his work-passion of so many years is not lost.

Initially I thought it would have been better to carry out the auction only live and by mail, but then why give up meeting, which dad also liked very much? It is always a chance to confront each other professionally but also for the personal relationships that have been created over time.

Viewing the lots is also a great opportunity: we will be in Milan on 20 April, but we will be waiting for you in our offices already from 12 April by appointment.

And so here I am, with this catalogue n.101 which offers 1,336 lots of philately, postal history and philatelic literature that will be auctioned publicly in our auction room on 6 May. There will be bids by mail (sent directly to us or via the Bid Inside and Philasearch sites), which must reach us by 5 p.m. on Friday 5 May; I suggest you send them as soon as possible, because for the same amount, the one received first takes precedence. Even the LIVE (with Bid Inside) or telephone connections have the same deadline for registering or requesting it. All the ways to participate are clearly indicated in our terms of sale.

The auctioneer, as usual, will be Gabriele Sintoni.

Among the 1,218 lots of philately and postal history there are some rarities from Ancient Italian States and Foreign countries on sale for the first time. The sectors relating to the Kingdom, Occupations, Military Mail and Colonies are particularly developed.

The 118 lots of literature mostly come from the private collection of Gabriele Serra, who passed away in 2015, a great expert collector and dear friend of my father. There are many original texts that have long been out of print, real “goodies” for lovers.

The lots have all been photographed, even though some bulky ones only partially just to give an idea of the whole. Several images in the paper version and in its .pdf format (to be browsed or downloaded); all of them in the site, in the page devoted to the auction (, where, once the auction is over, you will find the list of auction returns and possible lots unsold, available at the starting price until 15 June.

I suggest you browse the catalogue or search for what is of interest to you or you like the most personally. Anyway, our daily web magazine Vaccari news ( and our social pages (facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram), the institutional one VaccariFilatelia and the on-line VaccariShop, will point out some lots.

Some points have remained the same.

–    Lots are described with care and clarity and reproductions are integral part of descriptions.

–    At Vaccari auctions, no commission is applied to buyers’ return prices (generally 20/22%).

–    The lots with Paolo Vaccari initials or signature, regardless of whether they come with or without an expert certificate, are absolutely guaranteed with reference to their description and, among them, those with a value higher than 500.00 euro come with a Vaccari S.r.l. certificate of guarantee free of charge.

In advance, I thank all those who will participate in the auction and who will continue to place their trust in us.

Valeria Vaccari

Vignola, April 2023

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