I think this is the most appropriate quote (which nicely happens to be on a stamp) that I can show because in a few days I will be issuing the Notice of Meeting for the 2020 IPDA Annual General Meeting.

Two thoughts come to mind 1) have you paid your 2020 membership renewal? 2) will be you be voting at the AGM? Your vote does count.
All the Directors are hoping the answers are yes. But, the answers are not mutually exclusive, you can only answer yes to 2) if you have renewed your membership. Our Membership Secretary has already sent out a renewal notice, please action it.

As for the opening line of Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy…. well we are not in a life and death situation are we….. far from it, we are in a very positive and I think optimistic position in the IPDA going into 2020, and with members support we can build on that very nicely. No need to be melancholy, ok we have some challenges ahead but surely that is what makes it exciting to be a member of the IPDA in 2020. We have one amazing, one member described it huge, new service for members, the IPDA STAMP SHOPS which has the potential to offer so much to members. Anyway, enough from me, will you renew your membership, please! Thanks to so many who already have by the way, and will you be helping get more IPDA members in 2020?.

Michael IPDA General Secretary

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