Hello, Sorry not written much recently, all been quiet on the IPDA front – which is good for a change  ?      I am off for a while so probably will be even quieter  although I have made plans for the June and July IPDA Newsletters to be issued –  if you don’t like them, or something in them, then speak up.     No one will be offended and we can only improve and deliver more of what you want to read.

What about this cover.  Nice eh!  The Harrier Jump Jet. I may actually see one very soon as am going to be in the UK in a few days and my brother is taking me to this remote airfield where apparently one is parked. Cannot divulge the location.. Top secret and classified need to know old chap!! hahahahaha

I am also pretty sure I will be getting one or two of these covers as well.

This will be issued by the British Forces Philatelic Service to commemorate the Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1 entering service, in 1969, and to celebrate the aircraft’s achievements.

Enjoy your philately.  Be back in July, unless I have something to post while in UK. You never know ?


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