the end of 2019 that is!!!!   A philatelic year of  some success for  many in the philatelic  industry  judging by  what I read of attendances at shows and exhibitions,   future plans for exhibitions, plenty to chose from right around the world in 2020 including London 2020,  the number of people selling or  setting themselves up as sellers –  is this a positive ?    ….  lets assume it is  for this argument – surely they expect buyers so that would  lead to a hypothesis that the  collector demand is there,   and that is  surely supported by the fact that sales on the Hipstamp philatelic portal for example (sales in November  topped a million USD and I quote mark Rosenburg  “in November, our Sellers sold over $1.2 Million in stamps here, with stamps ranging from $0.01 to $10,000+”……        the  demand  indicators are very strong  – assume average stamp sale at $1 that is 1,200,000 stamps sold in one month……….   is that even possible?   no of course it is not .. there were 1025 stores on average during November that would mean on average each store sold 1100  stamps…..  impossible of course…. and  I won’t bore you with the mathematical logic of why 🙂   …..  so….  ok, assume an average of $10 a stamp  sold,  that means 120,000 stamps sold….. well that is perhaps getting too low I would suggest   …… something in between but surely towards the lower value —  all in all a strong  market, and this is not even mentioning eBay and Delcampe and  various others, including the major auction houses of course.

Phew….  are you exhausted reading that / digesting that 🙂   In short I  deduce that philately is doing ok.   If you disagree  write to me with why.  I welcome other points of view on this.

Next ….. why the IPDA  will become part of the trend  ……….  with IPDA members support … collectors will  have the opportunity to benefit even more in 2020.  Watch this space!

Michael  IPDA  General Secretary

  The Millennium Bridge Gateshead UK, from the  2000 issue People and Projects. I hope you see the relevance soon!






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