By Wolfgang Beyer

  1. Phalaenopsis equestris (NT$7): This species is parasitic. Its pale purple flowers are 3 cm across. The sepal is oval, the petals rhomboid. It flowers in summer and is only found in Taiwan in small patches on the forested craggy slopes of Little Orchid Island.
  2. Odontochilus nanlingensis (NT$9): This orchid grows on the ground, generally with 2 or 3 flowers. The white petals have a reddish hue with reddish-brown stripes and marks. It flowers in spring and is found at heights of 500 to 1,000 meters in damp broadleaved forest from Wulai to Nanao.
  3. Bulbophyllum retusiusculum (NT$10): A miniature parasitic orchid with colorful petals. Its upper lip is dark red, while the sides are yellow and 1.5 cm long. The flowers are generally arranged in a fan-shape, like a small circular comb, so it is also called Yellow Comb Orchid. It flowers in autumn and winter and is common in cool damp evergreen broadleaved forest in the mid to low altitude mountains of Taiwan.
  4. Bulbophyllum griffithii (NT$20): A parasitic orchid with single flower, 0.8 to 1.2 cm across, whose petals are parchment white densely flecked with purple. It flowers in autumn, and is found in cool damp forest in Xitou (Nantou County), Fenchihu (Chiayi) and Caoling (Yunlin).

Date of Issue: 22 August 2018-08-08

Designer: Chi-jen Lai, Printer: Central Engraving and Printing Plant, Sheet composition: 100 (10 × 10), Color: Colorful, Process: Offset, Paper used: Phosphorescent stamp paper, Perforation: 13 1/2 × 12 1/2 ; 12 1/2 × 13 ½

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