Pakist­an Post Office jacks up rates to cover for the loss incurr­ing from the ‘histor­ic’ move

PPO jacks up rates to cover for the loss incurring from the ‘historic’ move. PHOTO: FILE

PPO jacks up rates to cover for the loss incurring from the ‘historic’ move. PHOTO: FILE

RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD: For the first time in the history of the country, the Pakistan Post Office (PPO) has abolished the practice of affixing stamps on letters meant for foreign countries and increased the postal rates to cover for the loss, effective from May 2 (today).

According to a notification issued by the PPO on Friday, the Pakistan Postal Services Management Board in its meeting decided to stop the usage of postage stamps on foreign letters and also approved the new rates.

The board meeting revealed that receivers were complaining since long about paying extra money for the stamps “missing” on the letters. In other words, the stamps were “stolen”. From now onwards, the foreign postal letters would only bear a “seal” of the PPO.

Also, the PPO has fixed the new rates for foreign postal letters.

The countries around the globe are divided into three categories for posting letters and the weight of the first slab has been increased from 20 grams to 50 grams.

For the Zone A countries, including China, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, the UK, Japan, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Korea, Afghanistan, India, France, Germany, Rs200 will be charged for up to 50 grams. For Zone B countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rs270 will be charged while for Zone C countries like Romania, Tunis, Tanzania Uganda and others, Rs280 will be charged.

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Rates for slabs of 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, one-and-a-half kgs and 2kg are also introduced.

The maximum weight limit for registered letters is limited to 1 kg.

Meanwhile, PPO spokesperson said the revenue of country’s postal operator is regularly witnessing an increase, which is enough proof that postal business in the country is running smoothly and not on decline.

“Pakistan Post has recently initiated e-commerce and financial services to cater to the customers’ requirements in line with the changing communications market,” he said, adding that an action plan for the implementation of the agenda had also been finalised and during the current year, major reforms would be introduced in the department.

He said that Pakistan Post has the capacity and commitment to deliver for online vendors for their cash-on-delivery products with proof of delivery and prompt reconciliation of their payments.

Pakistan Post was also targeting the parcel export market, which was catered to by local and international private couriers at very high rates.

The revenue share of Pakistan Post in that endeavour is expected to Rs100 billion per annum. Pakistan Post is providing postal services in every nook and corner of the country through a network of around 13,000 post offices. It is providing delivery services to about 20 million households and businesses as community service without any cost considerations.

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