Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre is run and managed by Public Charitable Trust – Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust which was formed in 1978. The Trust was settled by late Shri Kirtilal Manilal Mehta. The Trust has engaged in innumerable charitable endeavors across India. It was her vision that led to the inception of one of India’s modern hospitals. All of her life, she was loved and respected for her warmth and generosity. She strongly believed in equality, and that every child has a right to education and equal opportunity in life. She made conscientious efforts towards the betterment of the less fortunate. With her sudden demise in 1964, she left a void in the lives of the people who knew her. Lilavati Hospital reminds us of the greatness of beloved Bai!

Date of Release: 29 August 2018, Mumbai.

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