The Declaration of Arbroath, dated 6th April 1320, is one of the most significant documents in Scotland’s history. It was written and endorsed by the barons and freeholders of Scotland to the Pope, asking him to recognise Scotland’s independence and acknowledge Robert the Bruce as the country’s lawful king. The Declaration was then taken to the papal court at Avignon by Bishop Kininmund, Sir Adam Gordon and Sir Odard de Maubuisson. The plea was successful and Scotland’s independence waseventually acknowledged eight years later by Papal Bull.

Issue Date:06.04.2020 Designer:Tayburn Printer:International Security Printers Process:Lithography, PVA Gum, phosphor bars appropriate to service Size:Stamp Size: 20mm (w) x 24mm (h), Sheet Size: 123mm (w) x 70mm (h)

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