Showcasing the “Best of British” the programme features a range of subjects: from a celebration of the UK’s Birds of Prey to the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

2019 marks the bicentenaries of the birth of both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

She is the second longest reigning monarch in British history. Six stamps will chart her life in period paintings, from childhood and marriage to Prince Albert, to marking her long reign.The accompanying stamps in the mini-sheet will pay tribute to her husband, Prince Albert.

The 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings will be marked by a set of 11 Special Stamps.

The stamp issue will be a timely commemoration of all those who participated and will use images from the day itself.

The images in the Birds of Prey stamp issue have all been photographed especially for Royal Mail by photographer, Tim Flach.

The birds featured all breed in the UK and are captured in characteristic poses of flight or in close up to show their features.

Species include: the Red Kite; the Sparrow hawk; the Merlin; the Golden Eagle and the Kestrel.

The British Engineering stamp issue is a celebration of UK excellence in engineering over the past 50 years and conveys the wide range of engineering disciplines where the UK continues to make its mark.Other stamp issues to be released during 2019 include: Curious Customs; Forests; and Royal Navy Ships.

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