Alexandru Ioan Cuza was born on March 20th, 1820, in Barlad, in a family of Moldavian dignitaries (“dregator” in Romanian). He held several positions in the Moldavian administration – chairman of the Covurlui Court (1849-1851 and 1855-1856), director of the Ministry of Interior (1851), burgrave (“parcalab” in Romanian) of Galati (1856). After the adoption of the 1858 Paris Convention, he was involved in the political reorganization of Moldavia, and eventually he was preferred to reign by both liberals and conservatives.After the Union, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, supported by Mihail Kogalniceanu, initiated the first reforms to modernize the country. Under his reign, the Union was recognized by the Great Powers, the first unitary Parliament and the first unitary Government were created, and the electoral reform, the secularization of fortunes belonging to monasteries, the agrarian reform, the education reform, etc. were adopted.He died on May 15th, 1873, aged 53, while undergoing treatment in the German city of Heidelberg. On the postage stamp with the face value of Lei 5 is represented the obverse of the “PRO MILITARY VIRTUE” Medal.

Issue Date:20.03.2020 Designer:George Ursachi Process:Offset Colours:4 Colours Size:Stamp size: 42 x 52 mm; Minisheet of 4 stamps with illustrated border: 159 x 134 mm

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