In memory of Young Blogger Activist Lina Ben Mhanni

(22 May 1983 – 27 January 2020) 

Lina Ben Mhanni Ben Mhenni’s blog, A Tunisian Girl, is written in Arabic,English and French.  During the rule of former  Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali until 2011, Ben Mhenni was one of the few bloggers to blog using her real name . Her blog, as well as her Facebook and Twitter accounts, were censored under the Ben Ali regime.

Ben Mhenni began posting photos and video of protests of those injured throughout Tunisia. In an effort to make the government responsible for its actions and to the people who were harmed in these uprisings, she visited local hospitals and took pictures of those harmed by police

Date of Release:5th March 2020

Kantaoui Dahmane

Kantaoui Dahmane, 1st Tunisian receiver of the Tunis-Belvédère post office.

Date of Release:11th April 2020

Martyrs Belaid and Brahmi

The Tunisian postal service issued two stamps on the 82nd anniversary of Martyrs’ day, to pay homage to Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, opposition lawmakers who were killed in 2013 under circumstances that are still unclear during a particularly difficult period in Tunisia. They sacrificed their lives and offered their souls as redemption for their homeland and to be part of the contribution of the postal service in preserving national memory and in supporting Tunisia’s efforts in the fight for freedom, democracy, the war on terrorism and the consolidation of national unity.

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