Hello, well it is still raining here in the Philippines where I am, so I expect a quiet weekend ahead with my stamps, and the initial set up for the October IPDA Newsletter.

October is 25 days away, it wont take long to go. So please if you have a few minutes over the weekend to send me an idea or an article for the October issue I would be very happy to receive it.

Even if you think your material is not 100% just send it I will clean it up if needed. ideas that you think other members might like to read about.,,,, Philatelic matters you think are relevant to internet dealers. letters to the Editor commenting about the September issue…. go on! do something different this weekend 

have a great philatelic weekend Michael

and to test your philatelic and aviation knowledge. who know what the issue was when this stamp was issued?

I will tell you in a few days time.

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