In contrast to land and air transport, sailing has enabled locales far and wide to be efficiently connected by sea routes for millennia. While the period of its emergence is a subject of debate among historians, there are two predominant theories that currently exist. One argues that sailing first emerged among the coastal peoples of the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, while the other asserts that it arose simultaneously in two distinct locales, after which its use spread to contiguous regions. According to the latter theory, sailing first emerged on both the Nile River, which later influenced naval construction in the Mediterranean and the Near East, and in the vast Indonesian archipelago, from where the first human colonisers of the Australian continent departed roughly 60,000 years ago. Given the archipelago’s unique geography and the distances between its roughly 17,000 islands, it is universally acknowledged that sailing was adopted early on in the region.

Issue Date: 20.09.2018, Designer: Atelier B2 Design, Printer: BPOST, Process: Offset, Size of Stamp: 80 x 30,6 mm, Size of M/S: 125 x 95 mm, Values: €0,53, €0,70, €0,86.

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