Papua New Guinea Superior Coffee epitomizes the coffee story of Papua New Guinea. The first coffee ever planted in the highlands of Papua New Guinea was planted at Raipingka village, Kainantu district, in the Eastern Highlands Province. Hence, the Kainantu area today is renowned for producing top quality coffee in PNG. This has been proven by the success of Kainantu coffee farmers at the Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry Corporation’s sponsored, Coffee Cupping competition, organized since 2014 to present, consistently ranked in the top 5 coffee for its cup quality. PNG Superior Coffee sources its coffee from its own Ondu coffee farm at Raipingka village, as well as from farmers within and around Kainantu area, reaching out as far as Obura, Okapa and Henganofi districts of the Eastern Highlands Province.

Coffee is sourced in cherry form, where fully ripe cherries are purchased at premium price from the farmers. The cherries are processed (pulped) within 12 hours of harvest or purchase and fermented for 30 – 48 hours. It is then washed in clean water and sun dried. During the drying process, moisture levels are checked to ensure coffee beans retain 10 – 11% moisture, before it is packed into 50kg bags and taken to the dry mill to be processed (hulled) into green bean coffee.

The green bean coffee is then hand sorted, to remove defects, bagged into 60kg jute bags ready for export to international roasters. At this point, green bean coffee for PNG Superior Coffee’s roasting factory at Konedobu, in Port Moresby, National Capital District, is packed in 60kg jute bags and shipped from Lae port. At Konedobu, the green bean coffee is roasted to perfection, and packed as whole bean or grinded and packed as ground coffee for distribution to cafes, restaurants and shops. The beans are kept as green bean and roasted on receipt of order from clients, ensuring delivery of freshly roasted coffee within 48 hours for domestic clients and 3 working days for international clients.

Papua New Guinea Superior Coffee is naturally aromatic with a superior taste and the superior coffee from PNG.

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