August 2nd.  I just missed the last two days because of a significant (to me it was) software problem on my computer.  All fixed thanks to a very patient and helpful chap on the online support desk.

I like to think that is what I would be like if I had some computer illiterate 🙂  on the other end of the chat screen – you know, polite and patient.    I am sure I am when it comes to my customers though. We should all be like that shouldn’t we. Polite and patient.

On that theme, I am patiently waiting to see when we get the 100th member.   And,  I know our Membership Secretary is sending out some very polite “pay your joining fee” letters because you have been accepted as a member.

I thought it through a bit more. If no one gets the exact date of the  100th member then the tweezers will go to whoever is closest to the date, and if a tie then a pair to each.

Still time to guess a date 🙂      Patiently and politely of course!     Michael  IPDA General Secretary

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