The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, which means it’s divided according to astronomical observations of the longitude of the sun and the phases of the moon. Each day begins at midnight and ends at midnight the next day, while each month begins on the day of a new moon and ends on the day before the next one. The 12-month solar year is made up of 24 solar terms, each about half a month long, that are established according to the position of the sun and the changes in climate. People born in the Year of the Pig tend to be straightforward, kind-hearted and generous. They enjoy spending time and sharing things with others, although their openminded, trusting, fun-loving attitude and tendency to say ‘yes’ can leave them open to being taken advantage of. While Pigs are generally relaxed, easy on themselves and often romantic, they’re also straight-talkers with a strong and earnest sense of justice. They approach tasks assigned to them with energy and perseverance and complete them to the best of their abilities. They can be trusted to do a good job. In tough times though, Pigs can become emotional, spiral into a negative state of mind and lose all motivation. They can also be prone to judging others – a characteristic that can get them into trouble.

Date of Release:16 January 2019

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