Fumetto Comic Festival

Over the course of its almost 27-year history, Fumetto has grown from a small, regional event into one of the most important international comic festivals in Europe. The special stamps are the result of a joint competition organized by Swiss Post and the festival.

Issue Date: 07.03.2019, Designer: Arnaud Tosi, Geneva, Printer: Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem, Netherlands, Process :Offset. Colours:4 Colours, Stamp Size: 34.7/34.7/34.7 × 36.5 mm, Sheet Size: 134 × 212.5 mm

200th Birth Anniversary of Alfred Escher

Alfred Escher (1819–1882) is one of the most signi cant Swiss gures of the 19th century. Of his many legacies, his commitment to the construction of the Gotthard Tunnel as Chairman of the Gotthard Railway Company, is perhaps the most famous.

Issue Date: 07.03.2019, Designer: Jürg Glauser, Berne, Printer: Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, France, Process:Offset, Colours: 4 Colours, Size: Stamp Size: 33 × 28 mm, Sheet Size: 1194 × 140 mm

Picture Postcard: 700 Years of Municipality of Rolle

The municipality of Rolle, which lies between Lausanne and Nyon on Lake Geneva, is celebrating its 700th anniversary in 2019. The postal card created to mark this occasion shows an aerial photo of the municipality, the “Ile de la Harpe”, the port and Rolle Castle.

Issue Date: 07.03.2019, Designer: Denys Jaquet, Roll, Printer: Mastra Druck AG, Urtenen-Schönbühl, Switzerland, Process: Offset, Colours: 4 Colours, Stamp Size: 33 × 28 mm, Card Size: 148 × 105 mm

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