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The stamp artistically displays a girl at play. The author of the conceptual design is Zoran Popović, a graphic designer from Podgorica.

Issue Date: 21.11.2018, Designer: Zoran Popović, Printer: BLICDRUK” – Sarajevo, Size: 35.00 x 29.00 mm, Values: €0.95

Historical Heritage :Risto Ratkovic House

Risto Ratković wrote the first modern novel in Montenegro and is one of the best Montenegrin poets. The house of Risto Ratković belongs to the most beautiful type of oriental architecture with its preserved courtyard wall, gate and accompanying facilities. During the reconstruction of 2005, its authentic architecture was preserved and adapted for the organisation of various cultural events. The most important of those are undoubtedly Ratković’s Poetry Evenings, which have been held since 1971 and which have in time become the most important literary event in Montenegro.

Issue Date: 04.07.2018, Designer: Zoran Popović, Printer: “Blicdruk” – Sarajevo, Size: 35.00 x 29.00 mm, Values: €0.30

Historical Heritage : Daitreta

In the immediate vicinity of Pljevlja, in the village of Komini, there is a still largely unexplored Roman town whose full name has not been identified with certainty. In the literature, it can be found as Municipium S., and it was populated between the 1st and the 4th century.Archaeological excavations of this site have uncovered a large number of mostly glass objects, the most famous of which is DIATRETA, a glass vessel from the 4th century, consisting of two parts, the inner vessel and the outer cage.

Issue Date: 04.07.2018, Designer: Anica Damjanović, Printer: “Blicdruk” – Sarajevo, Size: 35.00 x 29.00 mm, Values:€0.95

Europa 2018 : Bridges

The bridge on the Moštanica is one of the most interesting antique monuments in the Nikšić area. This bridge has stone foundations, while the other parts are made of tufa, which was typical for the Roman bridge construction technique. At one point, the bridge construction bends like a pipe, which gave rise to the story that the Turks called it “The Pipe Bridge” because of this arched curve. The bridge was renovated after World War Two, and recently during 2015 and 2017. The Post of Montenegro, within the edition Europe – Bridges, The Bridge on the Moštanica, is publishing a commemorative postage stamp, block and First Day Cover. The author of the design is Zorana Tošić, a painter from Podgorica.

Issue Date: 09.05.2018, Designer: Zorana Tošić, Printer: “BLICDRUK” – Sarajevo, Size: 45.00 x 29.00 mm, Values: €0.95

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