Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters

With Rafael Nadal’s 11th title and record numbers of spectators, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2018 was a success in every way. Organised by the Societe Monegasque d’Exploitation du Tournoi de Tennis, the next edition will take place from 13 to 21 April on the Legendary clay courts of the Monte-Carlo Country club.

Issue Date: 05.02.2019, Designer: Andrew Davidson, Process: Offset, Size: 30 x 4,85 mm vertical, Values: €2.10

Legendary F1 Drivers : Alberto Ascari

Born in Milan in 1918, Alberto Ascari was just seven when his father, Antonio Ascari, one of the greatest drivers of the inter-war years, died in a crash at the Montlhery Circuit. After trying his hand at motorcycles, Alberto began racing cars in 1940. Signed by the Scuderia Ferrari, he took part in the first F1 World Championship in 1950 and won two world titles in 1952 and 1953. He died on 26 May 1955, aged 36, while test driving at the Monazo circuit.

Issue Date: 05.02.2019, Designer: Michael Verrando, Process: Offset, Size: 83 x 31 mm horizontal, Values: €1.05, €1.72

Legendary Race Cars

Renault Turbo RS01 : In 1977, Renault made Formula 1 history by becoming the first contructor to field a car with a turbo engine. The ground-breaking Renault RS01, a yellow car powered by a 1.5 litre V6 turbo, made its debut at the British Grand Prix, driven by Jean-Pierre Jabouille.

BRM P57 : The BRM was the fifth Formula 1 car designed by British Racing Motors. Following on from the P48, the 1962 BRM P57 was succesful in its first competitive outing. The car won four races in its first season, helping Graham Hill to secure his first world championship title.

Issue Date: 05.02.2019, Designer: Fabrice Monaci, Process: Offset, Size: 40,85 x 30 mm horizontal

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