Commemoration of WWI

The “forever” stamp, titled “Turning the Tide,” was unveiled on 27th July 2018 in a ceremony held at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri.

50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels

The Mattel toy company is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its famous Hot Wheels die-cast model cars, and the United States Postal Service is joining in with a set of 10 different Hot Wheels forever stamps.The non-denominated (50¢) offset-printed stamps will be issued  on 29th September 2018.

Each stamp features one of 10 cars from the past half-century of Hot Wheels, including the 1969 Twin Mill (“one of the most iconic Hot Wheels cars of all-time,” according to the Postal Service), and the 2018 Mach Speeder (“built to look like a predatory fish”). The name of the respective car model is printed on each stamp.

Photographed by Len Rizzi, each car is shown positioned on an orange Hot Wheels plastic track. The stamps are designed by Greg Breeding working with USPS art director William J. Gicker.

The stamps are arranged on the pane in four diagonal rows of five stamps each, with narrow selvage separating the die-cut edges of each stamp. The Hot Wheels flames logo is prominent in the upper right corner of the pane selvage.

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