150th Death Anniversary of Leopoldo O’Donnell

Constitutionalist militant and liberal politician of historical transcendence in nineteenth-century Spain. As a soldier he participated in the 1st Carlist War, in which he obtained successive promotions until Lieutenant General; He was Captain General of Havana and Director General of Infantry, during the War of Africa (1859) was in command of the Operations Army that took Tetouan, obtaining the title of Duke of Tetouan with Greatness of Spain.

The seal shows us the image of Leopoldo O’Donnell with the uniformity of the General Officer, (turquoise blue jacket with flap and red collar and the gimped ones), as well as the Grand Cross Laureate of the Royal and Military Order of San Fernando, with the Red silk band with orange fillets on the ends and the Plate of the Order and its scallop.

Issue Date: 16.10.2018, Process: Offset, Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm, Values: 1.35 €

The Generation of the 80s

This block sheet continues the Generations series, with which Correos intends to pay tribute to the most significant milestones that have taken place in recent decades in our country, choosing both the milestones and the design of the block sheet, for the first time, by subscribers to Philately.

The eighties began a new era in Spain where the newly inaugurated democracy filled with enthusiasm and hope the Spaniards, who lived an explosion of freedoms and new challenges. One of the stamps that are collected in this block sheet, aims to remember what the arrival of democracy in this country entailed.

Also, technology got into our houses. From modern appliances, color televisions to the first personal computers. All this is represented in a seal that speaks of that technology of everyday life.

On the other hand, how to forget the great defender of animals Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, who left us in 1980. His face with a baby lynx, star another of the stamps of the leaf block.

The last of the stamps recalls the entry of Spain into the European Economic Community, a great step forward for our society.

Some verses of Sabina’s song, Neon Juice, which sounded good at that time, complete this new block sheet that, as in previous years, make us travel to a time that fills us with nostalgia and good memories.

Issue Date: 16.10.2018, Process: Gravure & die cutting, Size: 137.5 x 86.4 mm, Values: 0.55 €, 0.65 €, 1.35 €, 1.45 €

The Generation of the 90s

The nineties go a step further and this block sheet aims to be a brushstroke of those events that marked the history of mankind.After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the previous decade, the economic, monetary and social reunification of Germany began in 1990. A very representative stamp of this fact is part of the block sheet dedicated to this era.

Another of the stamps, commemorates the separation of the USSR, The dissolution of the largest socialist state in the world also marked the end of the Cold War.

The world experienced convulsive moments and numerous changes in political and social matters as these stamps show. Other notable events were the return of democracy in Chile and Peru, the arrival of Bill Clinton in the White House or that of Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street.

In South Africa, apartheid finally came to an end after many years of racial segregation.

Spain, together with the other European countries involved, reached an agreement for the creation of a single European currency. A stamp with the image of a 100 euro note remembers this fact.

Two great events put Spain in the crosshairs of the world in the cultural and sports field. The Olympic Games of Barcelona and the Universal Exhibition of Seville, which would change the international vision of our country forever. A stamp with the logos of both events make up one of the stamps of this issue.

The block sheet is stamped with the figure 90 and very representative colors of this time.

The phrase from the movie Toy Story, Pixar’s first feature film, in addition to the first film completely animated with digital effects in the history of cinema, “Hasta el infinito y más allá”, completes this nostalgic block sheet.

Both the milestones that illustrate the block sheet and the design of the block sheet have been chosen by the philatelic subscribers.

Issue Date: 16.10.2018, Process: Gravure & die cutting, Size: 133.5 x 86.1 mm, Values: 0.55 €, 0.65 €, 1.35 €, 1.45 €

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