Salon Philatélique de Printemps

Philatelic spring exhibition from 14 to 16 March 2019 in Paris, door of champeret.

Issue Date: 18.03.2019, Designer: Andre Lavergne, Process: Taille Douce, Size: 40.85 x 30 mm, Values: €0.88

Crafts : Crystalware

The Métiers d’Art series inaugurated in 2016 aims to highlight various crafts in France and the rare skills, traditional or innovative craftsmen.

The glass and crystal trades are at the heart of France’s economic and cultural heritage. Ranked in the category of fire arts, they are divided between the work of hot glass (blowers, glassblowers …) and cold work.

Among his last special craft crystal tailor: it decorates the cold glass by removal of material. He digs on the object of linear patterns, geometric, facets, bevels, curves, diamonds by digging the glass using grinding wheels of different sizes fixed on vertical or horizontal lathes driven by a motor. Crystal has superior properties to glass with the lead oxide that makes it, and allows for deep and sophisticated sizes that can not be achieved with conventional glass.

Issue Date: 18.03.2019, Designer: Florence Gendre, Process: Taille Douce, Size: 0.85 x 40.85 mm,  Values: €1.30

Marianne : Election Du Timbre

Issue Date: 14.03.2019, Designer: Yseult Yz Digan, Process: Taille Douce, Size: 130 x 52 mm, Values: €12.60

European Capitals : Helsinki

For the 2019 European Capital Block, let’s stay in the Gulf of Finland. Facing Tallinn, European Capitals 2018 broadcast, is Helsinki, the capital of Finland, located on one of the peninsulas of the Gulf.

The city is spread over a peninsula and several islands, the presence of water is thus a strong feature of Helsinki, as reflected in the block; in the background the island of Katajanokka, on which we can see the silhouette of the Orthodox Church Ouspenski.

The Saint Nicholas Lutheran Cathedral, built between 1830 and 1852, stands on the Senate Square, a monumental complex with the aristocratic elegance of neoclassicism, the work of the town planner Ehenström and the architect Carl Ludvig Engel.

The Kruununhaka district is home to the Presidential Palace and the famous Senate Square. Pohjoisranta is the path that runs along the east side of the district, there are examples of Art Nouveau architecture, and in particular at No. 10 a beautiful building voted the favorite building of the inhabitants of Helsinki.

Suomenlinna has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. It is a collection of several islands connected together by bridges and footbridges. It is home to a fortress that has long played an important strategic role in the Baltic Sea and has been handed over to Swedes, Russians and Finns. Several houses that one imagines inhabited by Hobbits are on the island.

Sibelius Monument: Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) is the great musical figure of Finland, he is the composer of the symphonic poem Finlandia. In the middle of Sibelius Park, her bust is next to an imposing (1967) non-figurative sculpture by Eila Hiltunen: more than 600 steel tubes draw a giant organ and sing under the influence of wind.

Issue Date: 18.03.2019, Designer: Alice Bigot & Aapo Nikkanen, Process: Heliogravur, Size: 135 x 143 mm, Values: €5.20

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