Old Maps of the North and the Faroe Islands

Maps relate to a part of the Earth’s surface, they representations of space in two dimensions. One way to study maps is to look at them as cultural historical sources to our past. Historical maps tell us how the North, the North Atlantic and the Faroe Islands have been represented throughout western history.

Issue Date: 25.02.2019, Designer: Kim Simonsen, Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France, Process: Offset, Stamp Size: 22,5 x 40,0 mm, M/S Size: 100 x 70 mm, Values: 11,00, 17,00, 27,00 DKK

Sepac 2019

Old Residential Houses : The Farmhouse in Kirkjubøur

Issue Date: 25.02.2019, Photographer: Ólavur Frederiksen, Printer:La Poste, France, Process: Offset and Varnish, Size: 48,2 x 28,0 mm, Values:19,00 DKK

Leynavatn & Eidisvatn

Lake Leynar:Lake Leynar (Leynavatn) the Faroe Islands sixth largest lake, lies at the bottom of the Kollafjörður Valley, a long stretch of land surrounded by steep mountain cliffs south and west. The lake area is 0.18 square kilometers and approximately 63 meters above sea level. Along the northeastern coast there is a long, low beach of rough sand, gravel and rocks. Lake Leynar’s water supply from the east comes from a short river running from two adjacent lakes, both of which are called Mjáuvøtn. From the north, Dalá river flows down into the lake from the long valley towards Vestmanna. The drainage takes place through the so-called Leynará through the passage to the small village of Leynar, from which the lake takes its name.

Eiðisvatn – Lake Eiði:On high plains at the base of Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroes, just south of the lower-lying village Eiði, we find Lake Eiði, the Faroe Islands’ fifth largest lake. It is really the second largest lake with a surface area of 1.14 square kilometers, but the inconsistency can be explained by a dam that was built by the Faroes’ inter-municipal power producer SEV, supplying the Eiði 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant in order to operate its two powerful water turbines. Issue Date: 25.02.2019

Photographers: Olaf Olsen & Saviour Mifsud, Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France, Process: Offset, Size: 56 x 21 mm, Values: 2 x 19,00 DKK

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