The Luxembourg Moselle Region

Over the next four years, we will be presenting the beauty of the Luxembourg Moselle region. Because this region on the Luxembourg borders to Germany and France has plenty to offer both culturally and historically. Every year, the four designs will illustrate a particular feature. To make the presentation even more varied, the production technique used will vary from year to year.

Issue Date: 04.12.2018, Designer: Anne Mélan (L), Printer: Cartor Security Printing SA, La Loupe (F), Process: Offset, Colours: Multicoloured high-resolution, Size: 40 x 31.5 mm

Plum Varieties in Luxembourg

The diversity of plum varieties in Luxembourg is extraordinary. The flavours and different uses of the varieties are also very varied.

Issue Date: 04.12.2018, Printer: Philaposte, Boulazac (F), Process: Offset, Colours: Multicoloured, Size: 35 x 35 mm


Issue Date: 04.12.2018, Designer: Céline Mazzilli (L), Printer: Cartor Security Printing SA, La Loupe, Process: Offset Lithographie, Size: 31.5 x 40 mm, Values: €0.15, €1.65

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