100 Years of Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association

Founded in 1920, the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (HKYWCA) is one of the most time-honoured women’s groups in Hong Kong.  Over the century, the HKYWCA has been committed to its mission of nurturing women and upheld its belief of serving the community by providing “women-focused” social services.   The stamps present the four core services of the HKYWCA, namely women and family services, youth and community services, education and employment services, and elderly services.

Date of Release:10th March 2020

24 Solar Terms

The 24 Solar Terms collectively refer to a knowledge system of time and social practices progressively developed by the Chinese people through observation of the sun’s periodic motion, changes of seasons and phenological cycles.  This system was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2016.  On the day of “Spring Commences”, Hongkong Post debuts the special stamp issue on the theme of “24 Solar Terms – Spring”, featuring the six solar terms of spring, namely “Spring Commences”, “Spring Showers”, “Insects Waken”, “Vernal Equinox”, “Bright and Clear” and “Corn Rain” in vivid colours.  It is also first-ever to have stamps that are semicircular in design, rendering the issue exceptionally collectable. Date of Issue: 2020/02/04

Year of Rat

Date of Issue: 11th January 2020

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