By Wolfgang Beyer

Korea-Iran Joint Issue

Date of Issue: 23 October 2018

UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage

Jeju Woman Diver  Culture

Date of Release: 21st November 2018

New Year 2019

s3a. Baby Pig in Hanbok (Baby Pig in Korea Costume), s3b. Snow and the Pig

Date of Issue: 3rd December 2018

Tourism Postmarks

  1. Suwolbong (Cape of Suwol in Jeju Island) 2. Jeju Haenyeo Culture (Jeju Woman Diver Culture) 3. Jeju Rabit-shaped Island and the Poison Bulb Habitat 4. Manjanggul (Manjang Cavern) . 5.Gosumokma (Breeeding Horses free in the forest)

Date of Release: 26th October 2018

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