1970’s Popular Culture

The sunny island of Jersey, located near the coast of Normandy, saw a steady stream of tourists arriving to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife and excellent cuisine during the 1970s. By that time, Jersey Airport had become the sixth busiest airport in Europe. As well as this, the financial sector on the Island boomed; in 1970 alone, bank deposits increased by 45% and continued to rise. Popular culture in Jersey, as in Britain, significantly changed during the decade as illustrated on the six stamps and Miniature Sheet in this issue. Date of Issue: 18 January 2019.

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh was one of the most important figures of the Elizabethan era, with a multi-faceted career which brought him to the island of Jersey as Governor during the years 1600-1603. He appeared to have been very much a ‘hands on’ Governor, improving the militia and the Island’s defences, fostering trade and attending sittings of the courts. Six stamps and a Miniature Sheet reflect various aspects of Sir Walter Raleigh’s career and positive impacts that his Governorship had on the island of Jersey, each using illustration combined with words or quotes. Date of Issue: 5 February 2019,

Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo is the headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which focuses on the preservation of endangered species and the recovery of degraded habitat across the world. Since it was founded in 1959 by world renowned naturalist Gerald Durrell, the Trust have used their knowledge of species management to save threatened species and now, through their work in the wild and at the zoo, focus on reconnecting people with nature to ensure the safeguarding and restoration of the natural world. Among many other species, Jersey Zoo is home to over a dozen primates, six of them feature on Post & Go stamps that will be overprinted with postage on demand:

Emperor tamarin -Saguinus imperator

White-handed gibbon – Hylobates lar

Red-ruffed lemur – Varecia rubra

Sulawesi crested black macaque – Macaca nigra

Black lion tamarin – Leontopithecus chrysopygus

Red-fronted brown lemur – Eulemur rufus

Date of Issue: 13 February 2019

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