Birth Centenary of Zenthe Ferenc

Ferenc Zenthe (1920-2006) was a Hungarian actor who was awarded the title Actor of the Nation, the Kossuth Prize, the Jászai Mari Prize on two occasions, Artist of Merit and Artist of Excellence, and was a member of the “Company of Immortals”. In addition to his innumerable stage roles, he acted in many films, playing the lead role in romantic comedies when young and mainly character roles as an older man. He won nationwide repute in the title role of the television series The Captain of Tenkes but he is remembered by many as the popular Uncle Taki in the television soap opera Neighbours. Among other roles, his voice was known for his part in the radio series broadcast on Magyar Rádió between 1959 and 2007, The SzabóFamily, which was the longest running drama about a family in continental Europe. Children became familiar with his kind voice through the cartoons Vuk the Fox andThe Captain of the Forest. Throughout his life, his popularity never waned and he is remembered as one of the most loved Hungarian actors.

Issue Date:02.04.2020 Designer:Péter Nagy Printer:ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt Process:Offset Colours:4 Colours Size:30 x 40 mm

400th  Birth Anniversary of Miklos Zrinyi

Count Miklós Zrínyi (in Croatian Nikola Zrinski) (Csáktornya (now Čakovec, Croatia), 3 May 1620 – Zrínyifalva (now Kuršanec, Croatia), 18 November 1664) Ban of Croatia, Lord Lieutenant of the historic counties of Zala and Somogy in the Kingdom of Hungary, landed aristocrat, poet, military commander, politician and military scientist. The great-grandson of his namesake the “hero of Szigetvár”, he was a worthy member of the illustrious Croatian-Hungarian aristocratic Zrínyi/Zrinski family, known for their patrioticactivities and fighting the Ottomans. Although he mainly regarded himself to be a military leader and only incidentally as a poet, he was the most prominent figure of 17th century Hungarian baroque literature.He wished to conduct the struggle against the Ottoman Empire through unity and organising a national party. In 1663-64 he achieved major military successes but the Viennese Court chose not to capitalise on this momentum and signed a peace treaty with the sultan. Consequently, Zrínyi’s confidence in the Habsburgs was shaken but his intended political action failed to materialise due to his sudden death while hunting nearCsáktornya in 1664. Main works: Reflections on the Life of King Matthias, The Peril of Sziget, An Antidote to the Turkish Poison.

The military commander is depicted on the stamp on horseback in military attire with a sword in his right hand, and an extract of one of his best known works An Antidote to the Turkish Poison in the foreground. The first day cover shows a half-length portrait ofMiklós Zrínyi with the family coat-of-arms beneath it. The postmark is a reference to his literary work, showing the contemporary implement for poetry writing, a quill held by hand.

Issue Date:02.04.2020 Designer:Szilvia Lázár Printer:ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt Process:Offset Colours:4 Colours Size:30 x 40 mm

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