Ivan Tourguéniev

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was a writer, novelist, novelist and a great Russian classic. A fierce opponent of serfdom, he fought to uphold freedom and human rights. These ideals will constantly nourish his work, which will contribute to the development of progressive ideas in Russia.

Issue Date: 12.11.2018, Designer: Stefanie Ghinea, Process: Heliogravure, Size: 40.85 x 30 mm, Values:€1.30

Stamp Booklet: More than the Wishes

Issue Date: 12.11.2018, Designer: Grenade et Sparks, Process: Heliogravure, Size: 264 x 68 mm, Values:€9.60

Boyau & Coiffard

Maurice Boyau and Michel Coiffard were both in the role of the First World War who won many victories with German observation balloons (Drachen).

Maurice Boyau (May 8, 1888 in Algeria – September 16, 1918 in Mars-la-tour) aka Joannès, rugby international and captain during the last tournament of the Five Nations before the declaration of the First World War, was mobilized as soon as the war broke out (reserve assignment 18th Squadron, 144th Infantry Regiment of Bordeaux).

On November 28, 1915, he received his military pilot certificate.

Between September 14 and September 16, 1918, he shot his last four balls and brought to 35 the number of his victories, which makes him the 5th As of the Great War.

Michel Coiffard (July 16, 1892 in Nantes – October 29, 1918 in Bergnicourt) says “the man with 34 victories”.

Decorated with the, May 29, 1915.

On April 19, 1917, he received his military pilot certificate.

On June 28, 1917, he joined Squadron 154, then on SPAD.

March 2018: receives the Legion of Honor.

June 1918, Squadron 154 now flies on Nieuport aircraft.

July 1918, he was promised to the command of Squadron N 154, renamed SPA 154 since he was replaced by a new SPAD, replaced by Nieuport. He baptizes his plane Valentine.

Issue Date: 12.11.2018, Designer: Stefanie Ghinea, Process: Offset, Taille Douce, Size: 52 x 31 mm, Values: €3.80

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