Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub

Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub (1920-1991) was a Soviet military commander, Air Marshal (1985), flying ace, triple Hero of the Soviet Union (1944, 1944, 1945).  The stamp provides a portrait of Ivan Kozhedub in his flight uniform and the La-7 Fighter Aircraft, which was his fighting plane.

Date of Release:10th March 2020,Designer:Komsa R.

Pavel Mikhailovich Golubitsky

Pavel M. Golubitsky (1845–1911) was an outstanding Russian inventor in the field of telephony.P. Golubitsky’s inventions are as follows: a dipole telephone, a multipolar telephone; a coal powder microphone, a microphone with a comb-like arrangement of coal; a power supply system of subscribers’ microphones with a common battery situated in the central station, which provided the means of building large urban telephone networks; and a telephone switch to interconnect pair-wise several telephone lines. P. Golubitsky was a pioneer of telephone service implementation on railway transport.

Date of Release:16th March 2020,Designer:Kradyshev A.

250th Anniversary of Unification of Ingush Republic with Russia

The national emblem of the Republic of Ingushetia has the form of a circle with an eagle with outspread wings in the center as a symbol of nobility and courage, wisdom and fidelity. The coat of arms of the city of Magas has the form of a French shield. The shield is the epitome of defense, military honour and valour. In the center of the shield there is a golden eagle with outspread wings. The eagle expresses the idea of revival and renewal, and the rebirth of the capital of the Republic of Ingushetia – the city of Magas.The stamp provides an image of the coat of arms of the city of Magas, on the margins of the postal block there are the national emblem of the Republic of Ingushetia and the map of the Russian Federation; the overprint provides inscription 250th anniversary of unification with Russia and a new face value of 100 rubles.

Date of Release:17th March 2020,Designer:Moscovets A.

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