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During the pandemic, Sacramento’s Philatelic Society saw a renewed interest in the longtime hobby of stamp collecting. However, the collector’s club is now seeking a new home to store nearly a million stamps.

“Every Wednesday for the past 20 years, we’ve met in the Easter Seals building in the Arden area,” said Joanne Murphy, chairwoman of the Sacramento Philatelic Society Board of Directors. “They were great and we were able to support using that facility in exchange for a fundraiser we did each year.”

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However, the club had to move out of the building recently after it was sold, Murphy said.

The Philatelic Society is currently working on finding a new location to meet, as well as a new place to store 36 bins of nearly 1 million stamps. Those stamps an enduring symbol of different moments in history.

“One of the fascinating things is probably that 40 to 50 stamps have come out on the subject of COVID. So, anything that happens in society is going to be memorialized on a postage stamp. Whether it’s a war, a meeting, an environmental disaster, happy things, animals, botany of a country, you name it, you’re going to find it on a postage stamp somewhere,” Murphy said.

The organization is making progress on identifying a new location for its weekly meeting. However, due to the short notice of having to move its stamp collection, Murphy said they are still struggling to locate a new, safe and affordable place to store hundreds of thousands of loose stamps.


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