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The universally familiar, much-admired king of the skies and an inconspicuous, little-known sandpiper – this is the unlikely pair of birds adorning Swiss Post’s new EUROPA stamps. The birds featured on this year’s Swiss EUROPA stamps could hardly be more different. Firstly, there’s the undisputed star among Swiss native birds, the golden eagle, with its wingspan of over two metres; and secondly, a less well-known migrant, the sanderling. Its home is the Arctic tundra, but it can be spotted at Swiss lakes between April and June on its way to warmer climes. More information on this unlikely pair can be found

Issue Date: 02.05.2019, Designer: Claude Luethi, Zurich, Printer: Gutenberg AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein, Process: Offset, Colours: 5 Colours

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