Lee Coen

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Member 251
First Name Lee
Name Lee Coen
What is your business name? www.bluecollarwrench.net
What do you sell? Iran and world wide stamps after work and when I have a free minute-
Tell us something about your business A blue collar wrench that works every day and lists/sells stamps in his spare time.
Member Discounts 10%
Street 49440 Ehrenberg rd #226
City Ehrenberg
State Az
Postcode 85334
Country: USA
Phone 916 390 1965
What other online sites do you use – URL & Name please? http://bluecollarwrench.net/
What other philatelic organizations are you a member of, and your member number IPDA #251 ISWSC #2966 Sacramento philatelic Society #2112 Iran study circle member APS #173697, 25 year member