Jonathan Topper

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First Name Jonathan
Name Jonathan Topper
What is your business name? Topper Stamps & Postal History
What do you sell? My main business is doing full time stamp appraisals in Houston, Texas; specializing in estates, trusts and insurance appraisals. I will also sell better collections for my clients, either on eBay, or arrange to have collections sold at a major auction house.
Tell us something about your business I am a lifelong stamp collector (started at age 5) and postal history collector. I joined the Houston Philatelic Society when I arrived in the Lone Star State. Soon after I joined the Texas Philatelic Association and have had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees in the past. I am a retired Toxicologist, and started my own stamp appraisal business ten years ago. As an Officer with the Texas Stamp Dealers Association, I have the opportunity to buy and sell new collections and thereby 'touch history' every day. My job is my hobby and my hobby is my job!
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Street 10480 Grant Road, Suite 117
City Houston
State Texas
Postcode 77095
Country: USA
Phone 8325186558
What other philatelic organizations are you a member of, and your member number 147144 APS Member. A member of numerous philatelic Societies including: United State Stamp Society, NSDA, Texas Philatelic Association, Texas Stamp Dealers Association.