Caj Brejtfus

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First Name Caj
Name Caj Brejtfus
What is your business name? PSE
What do you sell? eBay... Stampnstuff
Tell us something about your business PSE has a well-deserved reputation in the philatelic community for honesty and integrity in all of its dealings. No other stamp authentication company holds itself to a higher ethical standard than PSE. Our philatelic experts are forbidden from rendering an opinion on any item in which they may have an interest, whether financial or otherwise. Strictly enforced policies and procedures are in force to prevent this from happening. Total anonymity is practiced throughout the authentication process. Once received, each item is assigned a PSE Control Number, which is an item's only identification as it makes its way through the authentication process. No information is divulged to anyone at any time regarding the ownership of a submission, whether past, present or future.
Member Discounts 4% $400 max which is a 20% discount on expertizing
Street 89053-9309
City Henderson
State Nevay
Province Clark
Postcode 89120
Country: USA
Phone 7142785633
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What other philatelic organizations are you a member of, and your member number NSDA and a bunch of Collector clubs