Tony Ward

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Member 383
First Name Tony
Name Tony Ward
What is your business name? Great Britain Stamps and Covers
What do you sell? GB all periods British Empire & Commonwealth to 1970
Tell us something about your business I have been dealing in stamps since December 2012. I sell through my EBay shop. You will find to good-to-fine mint and used Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-to-date and Commonwealth to 1970 at reasonable prices - generally around 10% to 30% of catalogue value. I hope that you will enjoy browsing my stock and trust that you will find that my offerings represent good value for money.
Member Discounts 10%
Street 7 Marsh Lane, Cockerham
State Lancashire
Province United Kingdom
Postcode LA2 0EJ
Country: United Kingdom
Phone 07730337681
What other philatelic organizations are you a member of, and your member number Great Britain Philately Society Rhodesian Study Circle British Air Mail Society