Danny Van den Brande

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First Name Danny
Name Danny Van den Brande
What is your business name? Postzegelhandel Datastamps
What do you sell? Worldwide stamps, mostly Europe. Accessories
Tell us something about your business Danny and Tania. After 15 years of passion for stamps, we started Postzegelhandel Datastamps in 2005.
Member Discounts 10% on priced items
Street Rostal 15
City Bouwel
Postcode 2288
Country: Belgium
Phone +32494568119
What other online sites do you use – URL & Name please? https://www.catawiki.nl/ - https://www.delcampe.net/nl/verzamelingen/store/datastamps
What other philatelic organizations are you a member of, and your member number Member ISFDA, BBKPH and FNIP BBKPH = http://www.bbkph-cpbntp.be/ FNIP = http://antwerpfila.be/